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Wanda Smith and Katt Williams Viral Video

Originally posted September 16, 2018. Wanda has since left the station and the story got bigger.We hear TMZ wanted her to be on the show to talk about it but she declined. Not sure what she is up to these days. All was going so well until near the end of the video. Still funny AF.

I kept seeing a video link posted this past Friday with V103’s Wanda Smith from the Frank and Wanda show along with Katt Williams, for some reason it didn’t occur to me to check it out until Sunday. Exhausted from work, I watched the video and l was not prepared for what I saw.

In what appears to be a basic everyday interview V103 radio host Wanda Smith said something to set Katt off and he obliterated her radio status in a matter of minutes while the cameras and tapes and social media kept rolling and Frank Ski kept laughin.

Katt started by saying Wanda was a horrible interviewer which had to catch her off guard because she already knew that but she wasn’t expecting for it to ever be confirmed on the air.

She nervously giggled not knowing what was coming next. Then she thought she could finish Katt off by saying he needed to go to the salon to get his hair did and that’s when the unexpected roast took a turn for the worse for Wanda.

Katt talked about her cholesterol, blood pressure and even questioned if her wig and headphones came as a unit and she could not keep up. But the church knew the services were over when he said ‘If anybody wants some of Wanda’s cheap jewelry go to Citgo and buy a pack of Newports and you can get the jewelry for $7′ Officials had to call Wanda’s’ family and ask them to pay their final respects to her hosting gig at that point.APPLE CREATES NEW HEADPHONE LINE INSPIRED BY WANDA SMITH: WIGBEATS?

Wanda was rendered catatonic and her hosting gig was put on life career support but Katt continued to pull the plug. I was laughing so hard I could barely understand him. All I could do was picture that cheap jewelry they sell in there.

When she talked about him being in jail, he returned for the finish in record time. This could have been an amazing opportunity for Wanda to show her skills since the video went viral in 24 hours garnering 1 million views but you can tell she was a bit miffed. Katt even said she was a horrible interviewer which had to hit home. See Video below.

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