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Steve Harvey Discusses if Chris Brown is ‘Better’ Than Michael Jackson (VIDEO)

The Steve Harvey Morning Show discussed if Chris Brown is better than Michael Jackson. Carla said the comparison between the two superstars was discussed on the show last week. In an interview with Big Boy, Brown said those rumors were “a lie.”

“That’s cap,” Brown said.

Carla agreed that Brown was not better than Michael Jackson.

Brown said, “My personal take on it is, I wouldn’t even be breathing or being able to sing a song if that man didn’t exist. There is no competing with him.”

“Like I said last week, ask Chris Brown,” said Harvey.

Harvey said Brown is a good person, and he would want to set the record straight. Ryan Clark wanted attention, he added. The controversial comment was a chance for Clark to trend, said Carla.

The morning show agreed that Chris Brown has “major” talent. “That’s a hit-making machine right there,” said Harvey.

The show also agreed that Brown’s dance moves are phenomenal. Harvey said he remembered when Brown did a rendition of the “Remember the Timevideo. The show was “cool,” but it was not a Michael Jackson performance.


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