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Steve Harvey Says Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson Were Never Expected to Last (VIDEO)

Steve Harvey says Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson were never expected to last. TMZ reports that Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson had broken up after nine months of dating. Kardashian dumped Davidson over the phone by telling him she wasn’t ready to settle down, said Shirley Strawberry.

Sources told the outlet they split because of their busy schedules and distance. Davidson had been filming a movie in Australia while Kardashian worked worldwide. A source told Page Six that their age difference may have played a role in the couple going their separate ways. Pete is 28, and Kim is 41, said Strawberry.

Strawberry said Pete is spontaneous and compulsive; he wanted Kardashian to fly to New York or wherever he was at a moment’s notice.

Steve Harvey asked what the reality star would do with her four kids. Strawberry agreed that Kardashian has four children, and it’s not easy. She needs to focus on the kids, she added.

Harvey said the break-up what’s foreseen. “We seen it coming,” he said. Harvey said the couple was never expected to last with such a large age difference. She has four children and has just gone through a divorce with Kanye.

“How you gonna expect that to last 28, 24. He ain’t got no kids, she got four kids. She just got divorced from Kanye. He ain’t never been married. Girl, what this is?” said Harvey.

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