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The Former Police Officer Derek Chauvin Who Killed George Floyd, had 18 Prior Complaints

The Minneapolis police department has got a nightmare on it’s hands as it now has to explain how a police officer with 18 complaints (Derek Chauvin) was allowed to continue to work and those complaints will probably have to be revealed and reviewed again. How much do you want to bet several of them were about racism?

a minneapolis police officer holds his knee to AFP 1SE6IE 1 » derek chauvin
The icy and souless face of Derek Chauvin as he commits a murder on video

Chauvin was the officer who killed George Floyd by applying the entire weight of his body on Floyd’s neck during an arrest over a counterfeit $20 bill. The other former officer, who was repeatedly trying to block cameras from filming the scene, Tou Thao had six complaints, one that was still open. No doubt “internal affairs” need external reviews.


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