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The Michael Baisden “Do Something Now””Tour Hits the Road to Inspire the Masses


From the Studio to the Streets:The Michael Baisden “Do Something Now””Tour Hits the Road to Inspire the MassesPopular radio host urges fans to stop sitting on the sidelines and get involved Nationally acclaimed radio personality Michael Baisden is taking his message of promoting action politically, socially, and economically on the road with the 2011 Do Something Now Tour. Baisden established himself as a leader for social activism in 2007 when he spearheaded the ” Jena 6″”march. He is urging his listeners to stop sitting on the sidelines and get engaged on issues such as unemployment, corporate greed, entrepreneurship, and being role models.

The tour stops will feature voter registration, business networking, promoting and recruiting mentoring, and a free special screening of Baisden’s film “Do Women Know What They Want? “” “It’s time to organize and take action. We’ve sat back for two years and allowed the Tea Party to influence our politics.

It’s time to drown out those voices and stand up for our future and the future or our kids,””said Baisden. “The unemployment rate is the highest it’s been in decades; people are being kicked out of their homes and our young people are dropping out of school because they can’t afford quality education. Meanwhile, the corporations reporting record profits are not reinvesting in the taxpayers who bailed them out.

Talking about it on the radio is not enough; it’s time to take our message and fight to the streets! “” Heard in over 75 radio markets, Baisden is an author, television talk show host and emerging community leader. In September 2007, Baisden mobilized millions of his listeners using his radio show and social networks with over 70,000 coming to the ” Jena 6″”march in Louisiana .

In 2010, the popular host traveled across the country to 72 cities for his “One Million Mentors National Campaign To Save Our Kids Tour””encouraging Americans to volunteer as mentors for children in need. Baisden invested more than half a million dollars into programs like Big Brothers Big Sisters, National Cares and 100 Black Men.  Baisden participated in the “Occupy Wall Street””movement in New York this past weekend.

To view his interview with a fellow protestor, click here.  The Do Something Now tour officially began last week when Baisden donated $20,000 to the Gospel For Teens program in Harlem , NY . Baisden will make stops in over 30 cities including New York , Nashville , Charlotte , Atlanta and Washington , DC .

Continued Baisden, “You don’t have to wait for the tour to come to your town to start organizing. “March, protest, and most importantly get registered to vote! Do Something Now!

“” Tour dates can be found at www. BaisdenLive. com.

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