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The Rickey Smiley Morning Show Details Jason Momoa’s Terrifying Car Accident (VIDEO)

The Rickey Smiley Morning Show detailed Jason Momoa’s terrifying car accident. Jason Momoa got into a scary accident over the weekend. TMZ reported that the Game of Thrones star was driving along Old Topanga Road, near Calabasas, when a motorcyclist driving in the opposite direction hit his car.

Law enforcement officials told the outlet that the actor was going around the curb when a motorcyclist crossed over into his lane, hitting the front left-hand side of my Momoa’s Oldsmobile muscle car. Reportedly, the rider then flew off the bike, hit the windshield of the actor’s car, and landed on the other side of his vehicle.

Fortunately, the motorcyclist sustained minor injuries and was transferred to a hospital for treatment. Momoa is also fine.

Da Brat said that is scary, and drivers must stay in their lane. The morning show agreed; the host said it is essential to stay in your lane over there because of all the hills and blind turns.


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