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Chris Brown’s MJ Tribute Canceled, Show Discusses

The Rickey Smiley Morning Show discussed Chris Brown’s tribute to Michael Jackson. This past weekend Chris Brown revealed that he was supposed to perform a tribute to Michael Jackson at the 2022 AMAs, said Da Brat. However, the performance was canceled for unknown reasons. Brown posted a seven-minute rehearsal video on Instagram that began with his hit “Under the Influence” and then shifted into a dance medley that would have featured some of Jackson’s greatest hits, including “Beat It.”

Brown’s performance was a tribute to Jackon’s song “Thriller,” which has celebrated its 40th anniversary. Brown posted a seven-minute video of the rehearsal with the caption “You Serious.” He later added, “Would have been at the AMA performance, but they canceled me for reasons unknown.”

Sources said that the performance was reportedly canceled because the Jackson family did not sign off on the tribute, which was why the AMA’s pulled the plug, Da Brat explained. The source added that because of attempts in recent years to tarnish the legacy of Jackson, the family has reportedly become “understandably” “increasingly protective” over his estate, said the morning show host.  

“Whatever it is, if it’s not approved, then it can’t happen. It’s disrespectful to not get it approved,” said Da Brat.

Allegedly, many people try to do “things” without the authorized approval of the estate, informed the Da Brat. Reportedly unfavorable documentaries have been made about the King Of Pop, and “they put out that other horrible thing about him being a drug addict,” she added.

There is also the “cloud” of the Rihanna controversy hanging over his head, said Maria More. Da Brat said no one knows the real reason, but the performance would have been “dope.” “He would have killed it,” said the radio host.


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