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The Rickey Smiley Morning Show Discusses Marvin Sapp’s “Cathartic” Experience While Making His New Biopic (VIDEO)

The Rickey Smiley Morning Show Discussed Marvin Sapp’s “cathartic” experience while making his new Biopic “Never Would Have Made It”

The Rickey smiley morning show welcomed Marvin Sapp to the show. Ricky Smiley said the writer had been nominated for 13 Grammys and has had one of the longest #1 running streak on Billboard. Rickey smiley congratulated Sapp on his new biopic “Never Would Have Made it: The Marvin Sapp Story” the pastor wrote, starred, and produced the film, said Smiley. Sapp said the film was a great opportunity, and he is grateful to everyone who helped make the project possible.

Da Brat marveled at Sapp’s fantastic singing voice. She said she is moved to tears every time she hears the gospel singer bellow out his tunes.

The rapper said Sapp was pulled into the “in-crowd” early and engaged in drinking and smoking. She wanted to know what changed the anointed singer. Sapp said he started smoking marijuana when he was 12; he began popping pills when he was 16 and did his first line of cocaine in the basement with his boss at 18. He said he did all those things while he was in church every Sunday. He said he changed his life when his cousin got killed. He told himself, “Marvin, that is not the kind of lifestyle you want to live.”

The singer said his parent’s divorce was hard on him, and he got “caught up and called out,” but thankfully, he had a mother who could bring him back around. Sapp said when parents put a Godly foundation into the kids, it will come out.

Sapp said he met his wife in the third grade. They went to grade school together. She ended up being the assistant manager at his first job. She even trained him. The morning show host wanted to know how Sapp dealt with the death of his wife while working on the film. He said the experience was cathartic. Sapp spoke about his three children and said they are doing exceptionally well despite the circumstances they have had to endure.

Smiley said he had seen some of Sapp’s services online and was impressed. He said he wanted to come out and check out the service for himself. Sapp said he is virtual too, and Ricky can catch him online. Those who want more information on Sapp can follow him on his social media platforms, on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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