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The Rickey Smiley Morning Show Discusses the Water Crisis in Jackson, MS, and How to Give and Receive Help (VIDEO)

The Rickey smiley morning show discussed the water crisis in Jackson, MS, and how people can give and receive help. The city of Jackson, MS, has been thrust into national headlines after a water treatment facility failed due to heavy storms. The catastrophe has left 150,000 residents without drinkable water. The unprecedented event happened after days of heavy rain and flooding.

The disaster has left residents in search of water. They cannot shower, flush the toilet, brush their teeth, or perform other water-based daily activities. The water shortage has caused schools to close in the area. The city of Jackson, MS, has been in this position before, said midday host of WRBJ 97.7. She said the city does an excellent job of coming together and trying to find water for each other in the community.

Because so many people need water, the lines to get fresh H2O can be over an hour long. The radio station has delivered water to some people who could not make it to a pickup location on their own. Although there is plenty of water in the city, some areas have been running out because of high demand.

For those who cannot conveniently get out and find water in the city, there are other places such as the radio station that have a number that can be called, and water will be delivered. The city officials and the government are trying to do their best with what they have, said the midday host.

President Biden has declared Jackson a state of emergency, and now FEMA is setting up assistance, said the radio DJ. The work that is being done is visible in the community. Positivity Water sent 35 pallets of water, the equivalent of 50,000 bottles of water, to residents in Jackson, MS, to help with the crisis. Those who want information on getting some of the free water can call 601-368-3440. The radio host said big ups to David Walker and the Positivity family for helping out.

As long as listeners stay tuned to 97.7 and call in, they will be able to receive up-to-date information on where to get water and how, said the radio host. Those wanting to help can also give the station a call at 601-345-8205.

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