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The Steve Harvey Morning Show Compares the Water Crisis in Jackson, Mississippi and Flint, Michigan

The Steve Harvey Morning Show compares the water crisis in Jackson, Mississippi, and Flint, Michigan. A state of emergency has been declared in Jackson. Some want to know what the government is doing about it. According to CNN today, there will be several mega distribution sites with 36 truckloads of water available daily for the public, said Shirley Strawberry.

Jackson State football coach Deion Sanders talked about how the water crisis is affecting the football players at Jackson State. “So right now, we’re operating in a crisis mode. I got to get these kids off campus. The ones that live on campus. The ones that live in the city of Jackson, into a hotel and accommodate them so that they can shower properly. Take care of their just needs. Make sure all our kids are fed and all our kids have the necessities of life for the next several days until this crisis resides. That’s what we’re operating in right now. So, we’re going to find somewhere to practice. Find somewhere that can accommodate every darn thing that we need and desire to be who we desire to be, and that’s dominant. The devil is a lie. He ain’t gonna get us today, baby,” said Sanders.

Steve Harvey says the water crisis in Jackson seems to be a different response from what happened in Flint. The morning show host said he doesn’t think they did enough for Flint. He does not think they acted accordingly. The United States has money, so this type of situation can be avoided, but money is the most important thing in this country.

FEMA and the FDA are helping to expedite the delivery of the equipment for emergency repairs at the city of Jackson water treatment plant, so they are trying to do something, said Strawberry.


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