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Wife’s Family Too “Hood”: Steve Harvey Morning Show (VIDEO)

The Steve Harvey Morning Show discussed a man who thinks his wife’s family is too “hood” for their children to be around. A listener wrote into the Steve Harvey morning show to get advice. He said he grew up in a two-family household, and his college-educated parents worked hard to provide a good life for him and his siblings. The man said he had been married to his wife for twenty years. They met in college; the only problem is that he does not like her family, said Shirley Strawberry.

The listener said that the wife’s family is “ghetto.” As the children grew up, the husband was careful about how much exposure his children received from his wife’s side of the family, informed Strawberry. He was also careful not to offend his wife while he sheltered his children from her relatives.

He said the family all lives on the same street and always throws barbecues and parties for every occasion. The wife wanted her children to get to know her side of the family and to have them spend time with their cousins, Strawberry explained. The husband said that was not possible because the children on her side of the family tease his kids about their speech and behavior.

The man said his son is set to graduate from high school soon they want to throw him a party. The problem is the wife wants to invite her entire family, and the husband does not like how they act and carry themselves, said Strawberry.

Strawberry said the first thing to do in this situation is not to have any alcohol at the party. The liquor might get the crowd riled up. Having security at the party is another good idea, she added.

Steve Harvey said he disagrees with Strawberry’s advice. The children need their families. Harvey said he did not care about the man’s college degree or his educated parents. However, Harvey said even though the man’s children are well-behaved, they are book smart but not street smart. They need to get with their cousins to show them how to handle themselves in life.

“It’s a lot of good in the hood,” said Harvey.

A college degree does not mean anything if a person does not have the street smarts to back it up, said Harvey. He used Tommy as the example, who he says has a college degree but does not have sense. On the other hand, Steve said he does not have a degree but has lots of street smarts.


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