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Husband’s Affair with Neighbor Alleged: Steve Harvey Show (video)

The Steve Harvey Morning Show discussed a woman who accused her husband of having an affair with the neighbor while at the park. A woman wrote into the show, unsure if she should believe her husband’s denial of cheating, said Shirley Strawberry.

The couple shares a 4-year-old son, and a 3-year-old daughter, said the woman. Recently they acquired some dogs, she explained. After work, the woman exercises, so the husband takes the children and the dogs to the park down the street during her workout time. She returned home recently to an empty house, she said. When she called her husband on the phone, the neighbor down the street, Linda, answered.

The wife said she accepted Linda’s reason for having the phone. However, the trust disappeared when the husband came home covered in dirt and pinecones.  Linda arrived at their house shortly after the husband came home to return a shoe one of the children had dropped. She was covered in dirt and pinecones as well, said the wife. However, the children were clean. The wife accused the husband of cheating with the neighbor, which he denied. The wife wanted to know if she should be suspicious of her husband and the neighbor.

Strawberry said the wife should watch her husband and Linda because there is a possibility that something is going on. “Start with what the blank was she doing answering your husband’s phone?” said Strawberry. “And why was she in your house alone?”

The morning show host said the wife should not let Linda off easy and only blame the husband. They are both wrong, and Linda is out of line. Linda and the husband are not telling the truth, and the wife knows it, exclaimed Strawberry.

Steve Havey said the evidence in the letter was circumstantial and not a real way to prove that the husband and Linda were cheating together. Harvey said Strawberry was wrong to say that Linda was alone in the husband’s house because that was not mentioned in the letter. “Women stick together,” said Harvey. The husband should be given the benefit of the doubt, he added.

It was not a smart idea to let Linda answer the phone. However, that was the only issue with the letter. The fact that the husband and Linda came home dirty was “not an act of guilt,” explained Harvey.


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