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Man Overstays his Welcome, Steve Harvey

A woman wrote to the Steve Harvey Morning Show. She has been with her husband since they were 17, and they have been married for three years. The husband and wife are both 27 and have recently had a new baby. The letter writer said she had been home nursing the baby. The woman said her husband’s 36-year-old cousin came to help the family out. She is an excellent babysitter. However, she likes to party and sleep around, informed Shirley Strawberry.

The cousin hangs out “late at night because that’s when the clubs are jumping,” said the woman. In addition to the party girl lifestyle, the club-hopper is also promiscuous, said Strawberry. The woman said she found the hotel keys of the cousin in the trash can. When she confronted him, her husband confessed that his relative is promiscuous and always has been. In the three weeks the cousin had been staying at their house; she had slept with two of the husband’s friends, explained Strawberry. The woman wanted to know how she could explain to the cousin that she wanted her to get help and change.

Strawberry said the cousin was a big help around the house, and the couple needed assistance with the new baby. The morning show host advised the woman to continue to accept help from the cousin but look for someone else in the long run. “I say continue your policy of not judging her, but you got to start looking for someone else to help with the baby right away because she does need to go,” said Strawberry.

Harvey agrees with Strawberry and says the best approach is to not judge the woman for her behavior. The morning show host said the reason the cousin is so good with children is that she has five of them already. “She ought to be good with babies by now,” said Harvey. Because the “fifth one puts you in the expert category.”

Steve Harvey said the cousin likes to party where the woman and her husband live, and that is the real reason why she is there. “She likes ya’ll area of the streets,” he added.

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