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The Steve Harvey Morning Show Discusses Brittney Griner Pleading Guilty to Cannabis Charge in Russia (VIDEO)

The Steve Harvey Morning Show discussed Brittney Griner pleading guilty to a cannabis charge in Russia. The WNBA All-Star weekend spotlighted Griner with special jerseys and continued calls for her freedom. Griner pled guilty last week, but it is believed the plea was entered not because of her guilt but because she is preparing to negotiate her return via a prisoner swap, said Shirley Strawberry.

Griner was accused of having a gram of cannabis oil in her luggage when she was arrested at the airport in Moscow back in February, said Strawberry. When addressing the court, the Olympic star said she did not intend to commit a crime and was careless in packing her bags.

Elizabeth Rood, the Deputy Chief of Mission at the U.S. Embassy in Moscow, said the U.S. is doing all it can and delivered a letter from President Biden, who is promising a commitment to bring all Americans home from overseas detention, said Strawberry.

The morning show agreed it was time to let her go and bring Griner home. The basketball star had to go through being a prisoner of war and then trying to get a prisoner swap, they said.

“Look, they’re going to make you do that… and I’m fine with that. You know, just say you guilty. This ain’t no time to be talking about no I ain’t guilty, and then you stay longer. I am guilty. I did it,” said Steve.

After coming home, Griner should never go back to Russia again, said Steve. “No, I ain’t going over there no damn way,” he said.

Strawberry said there is a lesson for Griner, who said she was careless in packing her bags.

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