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The Steve Harvey Morning Show Discusses Fat Joe’s Comedy Special: It’s Hard to Get Up There and Be Funny for An Hour (VIDEO)

The Steve Harvey Morning Show Discussed Fat Joe’s comedy special. Rapper Fat Joe is coming to the stage, said Shirley Strawberry. The rapper announced that he would have a one-man stand-up comedy show in New York this fall. That is not all, said Strawberry. Fat Joe will be introduced by David Chappelle.

Fat Joe already has sponsors for his show. Roc Nation is sponsoring him, said Strawberry. In a press release about the show, Fat Joe said, “the world will be getting Fat Joe at his most authentic, vulnerable and comedic self on that stage,”

Nothing will be held back, said, Fat Joe. He has always taken pride in his storytelling, but now he will take it to the next level. The talented artist is grateful to Dave Chappelle, Roc Nation, and Magic Lemonade for their support, helping him tell his story, and making the one-man show his biggest hit ever.

Steve Harvey says there are two types of comedic entertainers. There are comedians and comics. Some are joke writers while others are storytellers. Harvey said he is a storyteller like Fat Joe. Most highly successful comedians are storytellers.

“Telling the stories is a part of our culture, it’s almost necessary,” said Harvey.

Harvey said there are many successful joke writers in the White community, and he named a few like Jerry Seinfeld and David Letterman. There are not many comedians out there for Fat Joe and others to measure themselves up to, noted Harvey.

It is good to have sponsors already and have already known in the business, explained Harvey. He said he is happy for Fat Joe and wishes him success on his one-person show. Harvey said he does not think many newcomers understand what it is like to stand on stage, talk, and get the audience to react with laughter for an hour.

Strawberry wondered if David Chappelle would be involved in Fat Joe’s show unless it was good. Harvey said introducing somebody is not a big deal.


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