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(VIDEO) Charlamagne Tha God Says Kanye West Loves White Validation

Kanye West caused a stir and was trending all over social media for his Yeezy Season 9 collection in Paris.

Kanye West appeared at the 2022 Paris fashion week with a t-shirt with the words “White Lives Matter”. The black shirt had the pope’s face on the front. Several models were also wearing different versions of the design. Candace Owens also wore the shirt. Kanye and his daughter, North participated in the show. This was the subject of discussion on The Breakfast Club on Power 105.1 FM.

Charlamagne said that people still give Kanye West exactly what he wants, and that is attention. Because of this, everyone is talking about him and his fashion show. According to Charlamagne, Kanye West knows exactly what he is doing and people fall for it every time.

A lot of people had things to say about the statement that Kanye was trying to make. Boosie Badass said, “After all we been through as a race, you put this disrespectful sh*t on. You gives no Fs about how Blacks have died and suffered to the hands of the White man, and you say Bush don’t like Black people. Really?”

Charlamagne added that there are not that many people in the world who openly seek white validation like Kanye West. He continued that when Kanye is going through something, he’s pro-Black, but when things are fine, its “slavery was a choice”, “Black people focus on race too much”, and ”White lives matter”.

Kanye West also posted in his story “Everyone knows Black Lives Matter was a scam, now it’s over. You’re welcome.”

Charlamagne said that regardless of what you feel about the Black Lives Matter organization, the statement is essential to living in America, because America has to be constantly reminded that Black lives do matter, because thaty have shown time and time again that they don’t.

He finished with “Does your Black life matter, Mr. West?”


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