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7-Year-Old Recovers After Shot by Brother (Video)

According to information obtained by 19 News, there has been an improvement in the condition of a 7-year-old first grader who was shot in the head last week, as reported by her family.

Nariah Gilner, residing in Cleveland, was in critical condition when she was quickly transported to Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital on Wednesday, May 24. However, her mother, Justice Smith, states that she is now stable “She overcame a lot of stuff that the doctor said she couldn’t. We all are staying strong and praying for her. She’s a big fighter, my daughter is strong. She’s the strongest person I know.”

The family remains strong and hopeful, offering their prayers and support for Nariah’s recovery. Smith emphasizes her daughter’s resilience, asserting that Nariah is the strongest person she knows.

With seven young children under her care, Smith intends to raise awareness about the dangers of firearms falling into the wrong hands. She hopes that by sharing her family’s ordeal, she can prevent other parents and children from experiencing a similar tragedy. Smith discloses that she was unaware of a visitor bringing a gun into her home on East 128th Street, “That’s not something I allow in my house. That should have been brought to my attention”.

According to the police, Nariah was shot in the head by her younger brother, who somehow obtained access to the loaded gun. Smith called emergency services, seeking assistance in the situation. The family aims to highlight Nariah’s name rather than solely identifying her as the victim of a shooting. Nariah, which means ‘light of God,’ symbolizes goodness, grace, hope, and faith—qualities that her family relies upon during this challenging period.

Smith shares her daughter’s story in the hope that it can educate and enlighten others. The devastating event has left the family reeling, and they find it difficult to come to terms with the situation. Smith emphasizes the need for support and prayers instead of negative energy and rumors circulating on social media, expressing her distress over the hurtful speculations surrounding her daughter. Smith describes Nariah as helpful, smart, and beautiful, urging people to focus on positive thoughts and to pray for her recovery.

As Nariah makes progress toward recovery, her family stands by her side, ready to share the burden of her pain. They hope that her story will prevent other children from experiencing the trauma caused by gun-related incidents. Nariah’s grandmother, Veronica West, expresses her confidence, stating that they will overcome this ordeal with God’s guidance, assuring that they will be alright. Source

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