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Andrew Caldwell "I Not Gay no More" Guy, Attacked by Two Black men

andrew-caldwell-bloody-640x853Andrew Caldwell, the young black man who was the star of a viral video taped at the COGIC convention claiming “I’m not Gay no more, I have been Deliverd” was allegedly  the victim of a recent hate crime by two black men who he states jumped out of a car, beat him then yelled homophobic slurs at him while mocking the line “I’m not Gay no more!!!” Caldwell states the video has brought him unwanted attention and he is in fear of his life. He posted the photos of his bloody nose and mouth on his Facebook Page. He states he has been getting negative attention from both black straight and gay men.
“On many occasions I have been followed by unknown individuals. Sometimes people drive up beside my car and shout insults and harass me when they discover that I was the one on that video that went viral. I have be slapped and punched in the face on numerous occasions. Strange cars have been seen parked in front of my residence. My car has been vandalized. I felt that I had to change my lifestyle. I had no idea of the negative reaction I would get. The pressure and stress have been unbearable. Why should I have to experience so much pain and anxiety for doing what I thought was the right thing? I appreciate the support, thoughts, and prayers from my church and the rest of the Christian community.”


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