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Mom Thwarts Cop, Son’s Hashtag Fate (Video)

A Black Mother in Elk Grove California was not having it with this female officer. Her son was pulled over in front of their house for running a stop sign. He had all the proper paperwork but the officer refused to run the information and kept inquiring if the son was on probation or parole. The officer literally gets into a stand-off with the mother and father of the son because she refused to walk away and write the ticket for running the stop sign. The officer claimed she feared for her safety and even accuses the mother of becoming violent although the mother is not violent at all. Check out the video for yourself.


  1. The cop was wrong, and confused, and was the only person who seemed ready to deliver violence. Learning the resolution of this situation seem impossible, through this web site. It would be good to share the outcome so that people can learn what happened. The cop does not belong on the job, given her obvious incompetence in dealing with this high stress situation, Why high stress? Apparently because she is a racist.

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