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Malika Berry Rogers and Jemiah Swinney on FOX SOUL

Tonight at 7PM EST, Southern Black Girls and Women’s Consortium Executive Director, Malikah Berry Rogers, will join Jemiah Swinney on Portia to discuss “Raising Our Girls,” and share a powerful and inspiring story of speaking and believing your dreams into existence

even ones as big as Jemiah’s, which carried her all the way to the 2023 Super Bowl to dance with Rihanna!

It all started in August 2022 when Jemiah Swinney, an 18-year-old dancer and high school senior who currently attends the New Manchester High School in Douglasville, GA, made an on-camera declaration of her “Biggest Dream” during the kick-off of the Southern Black Girls’ inaugural Joy is Our Journey Dream Bus Tour in Atlanta. 

After the bus tour wrapped, the Southern Black Girls leadership saw the footage and reached out to Megan the Stallion’s Pete & Thomas Foundation, the inaugural community partner for the Joy is Our Journey Dream Bus Tour, to see if there was a possibility to make Jemiah’s dream come true… and there was!

After looping in Roc Nation, all three entities made it possible for Jemiah to dance in the Super Bowl half-time show with Rhianna!


Fed up with reports confirming that Black women and girls receive less than one percent of the $4.8 billion in philanthropic investments in the south, the Southern Black Girls and Women’s Consortium has made it their mission to raise $100 million over the next decade to financially empower the goals of Black girls and women.

To date, they have already awarded $3.7 million to 221 Black women-led organizations and 504 girls managing special projects across 13 southern states:

Alabama, Arkansas, East Texas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia. 

The Southern Black Girls & Women’s Consortium stands on the belief that when you change the life of a Black girl, you change the world! There is so much more work to do and so many more dreams to make come true, but we can’t do it without YOU!

Your support, powers our impact, and together we can make a better tomorrow for us all!

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