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Chartmetric Partners with Sirius XM/Pandora on Music Analytics

Chartmetric will be the first public, third-party music analytics platform to partner with SiriusXM/Pandora and host Pandora data for top music industry clients around the world. Chartmetric will track key metrics from the US-based music streaming platform thanks to a new integration that lets Chartmetric reveal a market-level view of millions of artists and tracks, dating back to 2005 and continuing on a daily basis.

“This close partnership with SXM/Pandora unlocks deep insights into a new and exciting listener audience,” explains Jason Joven of Chartmetric. “Pandora listeners often enjoy picking an artist to listen to and then letting the service recommend great music at the right time, which is also a boon for artists seeking new fans. This collaboration is the result of working with the great team at SiriusXM/Pandora, who we’ve looked up to for a long time in the music analytics world.”

Going live on Chartmetric’s Free and Premium tiers on Oct 27th, Pandora 28-day unique listener counts, daily/lifetime Radio Station adds, and daily/lifetime stream counts will be available at the artist level and track level.

“We’re thrilled to be partnering with Chartmetric to make our data available through their tools, which we know are well-regarded by artists and their teams,” says Dan Wissinger at Pandora. “When armed with the right data, artists can build an audience on Pandora that moves the needle and continues to tune in long after release week.”

Rounding out the full picture for artists, managers, labels, and brands, Chartmetric will create several Pandora-centric charts such as top unique listener counts and top lifetime streams, as well as three of Pandora’s own weekly charts: Pandora Trendsetters, Pandora Top Spins, and Pandora Predictions. Combining the streaming platform’s data with other popular platforms like TikTok and Twitch will bring a new perspective to Chartmetric’s overall portrait of an artist’s data.

“Adding Pandora’s data is special, as it’s a particularly deep integration into our platform,” remarks Spencer Franks, Chartmetric’s Product Manager. “The detailed level of streaming insight over time gives Chartmetric customers useful information to change the way they measure marketing campaigns, allocate team resources, and better connect with their fans, which is what this is all about.”

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