Tuesday, July 23, 2024

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CONGRATS TO KJLH: Station Upgrades Online Image EXCELLENT Marketing Concepts

I have to honestly say I get news and info from many urban and pop stations but KJLH wins hand s down for sending me EVERYTHING and one thing I can say about this station is the marketing is EXCELLENT. Everything from their email blasts to the website make the station look much bigger than it actually is.KJLH makes the MOST of limited entertainment for the small black population in LA by providing CONSTANT entertainment and by coming up with numerous ideas to make the station look much bigger than it actually is. As the state of California is currently broke and rents and home prices are on the decline and many who moved from LA to Atlanta begin to see how overrated Atlanta is I guarantee you the black population will start to increase in LA again within the next 5 years and KJLH is in an excellent position to dominate the urban market there.Without question, KJLH is in a great city and it has been the only survivor in the urban realm. Even with the problems with PPM, the station continues to shine. I don’t like the fact that Steve Harvey is on BUT he actually works on this station, even though I can’t listen, and I think he’s going to bring the station ratings success. Finally since the station is so community oriented, I have to also give the programming dept and Stevie Wonder credit for shortening the shifts and keeping a majority of the staff and keeping the station MOSTLY syndication free. Urban radio murders itself by overworking Radio DJs. A Radio DJ should not be on the air longer than 4 hours a shift this is not Walmart. Who can keep the momentum for more than 4 hours? I would not add another syndicated show at KJLH unless it’s from kevRoss (laugh) no, unless it was during the weekends as it would destroy what KJLH is doing so well, being a community oriented local station.   KJLH Website


  1. Atlanta is overrated. It’s a big COUNTRY town trying to be a big city. I doubt if blacks are going to return to Los Angeles.

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