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Couple Accidentally Charged Over $4,000 for Coffee at Starbucks

Recently, a couple in Oklahoma was accidentally charged over $4,000 for two cups of coffee at a local Starbucks in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Reported by Fox23 News, on January 7, Jesse and Deedee O’Dell purchased two coffees at a Starbucks location in Tulsa, an order that would usually only cost them $10.

“I ordered the Iced Americano and my wife, she always gets the Venti Caramel frappuccino with the extra shot and it’s usually around nine to 10 bucks. An extra shot might raise it up to like $10.75.” Jesse told reporters about the order he and his wife have been making nearly daily for the last 16 years.

However, later on, the couple realized that they had been charged much more for the delicacy than they should have been.

Deedee O’Dell told reporters that she’d noticed the mistake a few days later when her credit card was declined while shopping at the mall with her four children.

This is when the couple made a distressing discovery.

In the days prior, the couple had been charged a grutity tip of $4,444.44 on top of the price for their normal coffee order. This added ‘tip’ brought their bill out to a whopping $4,456.27.

Shocked at the discovered mistake, Jesse O’Dell immediately contacted Starbucks’ district manager regarding the mishap, but was simply told that there was a network issue.

Not long after, the couple received two checks in the mail from the company known for its coffee. Though, after attempting to deposit the checks into their account, both checks bounced.

Jesse O’Dell recalls calling Starbucks’ customer service line 30 to 40 times that day regarding the issue, but found no luck in doing so.

“We got a call from a representative who said they are sending new checks. But as of today, we still have not received checks,” Jesse spoke out.

According to the couple, the pricey mistake has not only caused them great inconvenience, but it has also caused them to cancel a family vacation they had planned on taking.

“We had planned to take a trip but had to cancel and the tickets are non-refundable,” Jesse O’Dell noted.

“This is something that has caused duress in our family and hopefully others don’t have to go through something like this.”

According to a representative with Starbucks, the company is aware of the incident and has suggested that the mistake may have been a human error.

The coffee company headquartered in Seattle, Washington is allegedly now in contact with the family and actively seeking ways to rectify the situation.

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