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When D.L. Hughley Made Trending Video about Steve Harvey’s Trump Visit

Radio Facts:

Radiofacts:– While Steve Harvey and D.L. Hughley may have worked together as Kings of Comedy, they have also both ended up with nationally syndicated radio shows but their paths are very different. Some people may not realize that DL got his start at KJLH in Los Angeles in the early 90s and he’s not only politically savvy he’s an intellectual who was always deserving a greater platform than one radio station.

I have to commend DL on using radio for more than comedy but using it as an additional much-needed platform as an advocate for the black community. DL takes urban radio back to the black radio days when the airwaves were the saving grace and the alarm clock for the black community but he has managed to update the concept by still making it entertaining.

Harvey has to also be commended for his outreach and advocacy for young black men at risk with his mentoring programs.

Here, Hughley addresses the visit Harvey recently made to Donald Trump. Originally posted Jan 14, 2017


  1. Few questions I thought Tom sold at least most of Reach one to David KANTOR and RADIO 1 or was that story false?
    Didn’t DL hughley agree with Don Imus when Imus or someone on his program called those sisters on the RUTGERS female basketball team out of their names,yeah he did!

    Didn’t Tom get pissed Friday when people disagreed with his stance on Talledega,regarding I believe the Republican party giving a band from there 200k to perform at the inauguration of Satan on the 20th,when Tom felt it was ok for them to accept that money and perform,because (he) Tom has given so much to Black Colleges.

    Some of us are paying attention and see the mixed signals by syndicated hosts including the aforementioned hosts and Harvey.

    • JJ, Tom did sell the majority share of Reach Media to Radio One which is why I state DL’s show is owned by Reach Media AND Radio One. Yes there was a controversy with DL and the Rutgers basketball team comments. Not sure about your other questions.

  2. Not using the same 4 letter word but DEL I feel the same way. I have no feeling for this man because he’s a user and black some black rich people r falling for it.

  3. DL Hughley is absolutely right. Very disappointed in Steve Harvey. Trump is making you look foolish for believing in him. Trump is not sincere. HE IS A CON MAN. And you’re falling for it. Shame on you Mr. Harvey.

    • Very disappointed in Steve Harvey; thought he was a better person than to stoop to the level of insensitivity to mankind expressed by Trump. Prayers for you Mr. Harvey.

  4. I know Donald Trump is wrong for being disrespectful to all people. Just because Steve Harvey met with Donald Trump does not mean that Steve Harvey is a Donald Trump lover. The word of God us to love one another as he loves us. Please don’t miss out on your blessings.

    • I can understand that Marilyn, but remember all blessing are not for you or us. Donald Trump is using Steve Harvey to gain a foothold in our community by gaining”admission” to our demographic. Do not be fooled. Also, if you are religious person, it does say in the bible “beware those in the last days coming in my my name. They are not from me.” DO NOT BE MISLED.

    • @M and m: “…..the bible “beware those in the last days coming in my name. …” Really, a talking bible, eh? This is the same written dialog/spoken rhetoric that’s been used to subjugate millions,…beginning with Columbus, abusing, and enslaving the Native Tainos.

  5. Before I seen DL’s video I was thinking the same thing he said. If you listen to Steve Harvey during the election he was preaching to everyone about how bad Trump is what changed?

  6. Steve Harvey is not an expert on the black community and it’s needs, therefore; that wasn’t his motive. There are people who are experts on this subject ; Why not meet with them. He picked Steve Harvey because he wants the support of a popular, famous , connected African American to sway others. If he needs expert advice on Blk communities talk to Den. Lewis, he has a record of public service dating back 29 yrs, Steve Harvey does not. Steve don’t take every job they offer….jeez, you should know your qualifications and limitations.

  7. I am a black man, and to see Steve Harvey go to this man kiss his ass like a dog looking for a bone or his master to pet him, woe has this man forgot where he came from, I remember when he was on TV crying talking about how he loves his people, what in the hell is wrong with Mr Harvey, if you wanted to make a difference do he really think trump is going to help. Thanks again Steve Harvey for letting us know who you’re God is, maybe we should boycott you are your show.

    • Did you ever think that God is putting Steve Harvey where he want him to be it’s not about Donald Trump is what God is putting Steve Harvey so let God do his job and stop thinking so negative. Praise God.

      • God is not for foolishness Mrs Dee.

        God is about to put his wrath on Sodom and Gomorrah aka America,he’s using Trump to expedite matters, look at all the devils Trump is aligning with.You and Stevie need to wake up and take cover!

        James Wesley I agree with you especially your last sentence,but I can’t boycott him since I don’t support him

          • First off Steve Harvey is on point meeting with trump , all these so called experts ain’t shit , they don’t talk to the hood nigga , in the street Steve Harvey do , they don’t come to the hood and talk to single moms , Steve Harvey has , he done more , for the hood that all these out of touch 25 year service ass niggas , y’all mad that former President Barack Obama did do some , Barack Obama did more for gay men , than black people in america , and trying to spread homosexual lifestyle to African countries they told him to get that shit out of here , President Trump is keeping his word on cleaning up inner city communities , lock up the mutha fuckas, that shoot little kids , stop that gang war shit, black people are living in hell in America, no jobs , the latinos got a lot of them , no real education, no black neiborhood businesses, gang wars , drug dealers , hoe’s on the block , fuck that let President Trump do his thing !!

          • Anthony. Not all black people living in hell as you stated. I may not have lived in the best neighborhood but it wasn’t hell. You said a lot. , Trump is not the one that’s gonna fix it.iLook at his cabinet picks. He’s getting ready to make America worst not better for people of color..Don’t believe it. It’s all for publicity.

  8. I spent 30years plus in the radio bus.Some in talk at KJLH in LA.I take my hat off to DL I too,will never forgive Rump,he is a sick ,sick SOB.He is an iligitimate President and should be challenged at every turn.Louis Morton.

  9. Yes. Can’t support him. I LOVE GOD, but the devil is busy too.WHY Steve Harvey??. Because he’s black & famous. WAKE UP!!

  10. I feel like DL,Trump should have met with city leaders to discuss or have Carson that nut case do it. I feel it as a ploy to bring Blacks over, for whatever reason. He is not a man to be trusted, I believe in God and the devil and the devil is clever and busy.

  11. Good morning! I am going to be real, I was very disappointed with Steve meeting with Trump. People I watch trump and he is not a kind man . Steve had his reasons to meet with him (but) only he can answer your question.

  12. Try being Christian before black. All of you who are hating on Steve Harvey deserve the wrath and judgment of god to be resting on your heads. Hate a man because he met with a white president how rediculious

    • I am a Christian. It has nothing to do with him being white. It’s not the color of his skin. Its the content of his character. This man tried to destroy Obama because of his color.Get real

  13. Here Here D.L!
    I support you 1000% percent. Tell it like it is, no sugar coating or making it easy to digest, he is a confirmed “Prejudice” man. He admitted that when he seem “surprised” Barack H. Obama was a smart Man AFTER he had met him. He had never met Obama but had his mind made up his mind about Obama being the worst president ever (yet he wanted advice and counseling) , this is PREJUDICE, he pre-judged the President. I can only hope that we as a nation will see the daily mental 10 year old melt downs. He is in way over his head and it will be proven within 2 years.

  14. Um really appalled at the negative comments concerning Steve Harvey and his meeting with Donald Trump. I commend Steve for putting his differences aside for the betterment of inner cities.if meeting g with Steve Harvey is an advantage for our people, then what is the problem? Steve isnot a Trump lover but he’s set his differences aside at president Obama’s request! I understand how this may look to others but let’s stop bashing and give Steve a chance, Steve is no fool and I trust that if Steve sees anything foul pertaining to this he will back out and call out Donald Trump, let’s give Steve some credit, as far as dl hughley, if u was such a friend why did u come out in the media with your bashing instead of having g a man to man conversation with Steve?? Is it jealousy?

    • He is a fool. He’s being played. Trump chose him because he’s black& famous. To make Trump look good. WHY didn’t he choose someone who’s a expert on HUD. IT’S ALL FAKE. TRUMP IS DECEPTION. And Steve is falling for it. Smh

  15. As black people we need to get a grip. We need to just stop talking. Jesus said he would keep us in perfect peace if we keep our minds on him. We spend way too much time thinking about who’s talking to Donald Trump who cares!!! And just maybe this will help us as a people. We got I don’t how many years with trump as president. Why we leave him alone if he trying to reach out to us!!! Maybe just maybe God will put it on his heart to make a difference if we pray!!

    • B. Brown. Did Trump leave Obama alone .No he tried to destroy him for 8 yrs. Yes lets pray. BUT the devil is not gonna change.

  16. Steve Harvey is not new. Public and financial success for many people is an intoxicating cocktail which often gives the consumer a sense of self-importance and the moniker of perceived leadership. For all of his intellect and medical gifts, Dr. Ben Carson lost himself in the white smoothie called acceptance as one of the “good ones”. He, like other prominent men and women of color who choose to jump to the other side, have a pinch of self-loathing and racial discomfort when they are around whites who see them as worthy of their attention. They get lulled into a social nap and wake up thinking that they represent the people who helped foster their rise to prominence and success. Hey Stevie boy. We not only never asked your illiterate ass to speak for or represent us in the area of housing any more than we embraced DT’s selection of a totally unqualified Dr. Ben Carson for the cabinet position of HUD Secretary. Stay in your lane Steve and just shuck and jive and keep dancing for those white folks who are allowing you to be the face of Black folks in this land on TV and in the public arena. If you are the best we can do to move forward, we’re in trouble!

  17. Donald Trump is a all time racist! One thing for sure he will have to meet Lord Savior Jesus Christ face to face, No one is born racist it’s taught, The way he degrade women, Mexican, and other race it’s pathetic, He has no respect for himself, He has no experience for this position and to let him win all because he’s Rich, He’s not rich, Trump has a child like mind that throws temper tantrum, What professional person goes on twitter and blast people? A child! Having a fit, Don’t pay taxes, that’s not right to other tax payers, Low Down Dirty!

  18. Maybe we need to let Donald Trump listeners tune in to Steve Harvey morning show, and let’s see how those rating would go. Because I was very disappointed in Steve to the point I’m not listening to his show right now, because now he’s sounding like he’s talking out of the side of his neck.

  19. I love DL. I’m right with him. I’m not turning the other cheek. Donald Trump helped get the birther movement going. He spewed nothing to hate his whole campaign and was rewarded for it. There is a time to be a bigger person and now isn’t the time. I will be as petty as Donald Trump his whole presidency. I may not have agreed with president Bush policies but I respected him. I have absolutely no respect for Donald Trump or what he represents. He doesn’t care about the American people white or black. Trump is for self and his billionaire buddies. Look at the cabinet he picked. You want to reach out to the black community. Come to where we are. Hold a town hall in Oakland, Cleveland, Detroit etc then we can have a conversation.