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D.L. Hughley Says Black Men are Indirectly Responsible for Sharkeisha Incident

D.L. Hughley3Last week as I was driving, I happened to be tuned in to the D.L. Hughley Show. He and his crew were discussing the Sharkeisha incident and raised an interesting question. By the way, they seem to always raise good questions on his show but that is another story . They posed the question regarding the Sharkeisha incident as follows, “To those who saw the “Sharkeisha” video, do you think that’s who we are? Or do you believe it is a glitch in the matrix?”Many people called in and gave their perspective. Some said it was a one off incident while others said this is a direct example of how our community has fallen. D.L. Hughley, on the other hand raised an interesting perspective. He felt that this was a direct reflection of the absence of Black men in the community. Of course he didn’t say that there were no brothers in the community but he pointed out there were not enough to teach our young boys how to be men and teach our young girls how to be respected by boys and/or men.He also went on to say that all the problems in our community were a direct or indirect reflection of the absence of Black men in the community. He basically said until we stand up in our own community then we will continue to have these problems.We want to know what you think.


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