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Ebro In the Morning Discusses Kelis’ Issue with Her Music: She May Not Own the Rights to Her Hit Songs (VIDEO)

Ebro in the Morning discusses Kelis‘ issue with her music, she may not own the rights to her hit songs. Beyoncé has released her album “Renaissance,” but the song “Energy” features a sample of Kelis’ song “Get Along With You,” said Laura Stylez. Everyone thought this song was a collaboration; however, Kelis let everyone know that she was mind blown because she found out about the song the way everybody else did.

“Just to add to my thought, here’s the issue, okay? This is not about Beyoncé. The reality is okay, and I said what I said, still all facts. But the reality is, this is more about the fact that, like, there’s a lot of hypocrisy and there’s a lot of nonsense. So we got Pharrell, who did a video, I’m sorry, an interview, I think last year talking about artists’ rights and how people should be able to rework their deals and artists should be getting credit for what they’ve done, and all this stuff. When in reality, when I was signed to him, I had the same manager that he has, and he has writing credits on my records and all my singles coincidentally, and he never wrote a song [or] a lyric a day in his life, so yeah, that’s the problem. Number two, we’ve got Beyoncé, who, like I said, out of human decency and artistry and female just all of this stuff she sings about all of this empowerment and stuff. I don’t talk about it I am about it, so the reality is, all this female empowerment stuff only counts if you really do it. If you’re really living it and walking the walk.”

Pharrell likes to sing the song happy, said Kelis. She said she would be happy to if she was out stealing people’s songs. She says she would not be glad to do that to someone because it is evil. Kelis said someone must talk about the hypocrisy that is there, and she was not the one that signed up for it but was thrust into taking the responsibility.

Ebro says Kelis’ points are valid; however, the real world, the people who did this song probably called who they needed to call to get the clearance.

Stylez said when Kalis came out, people thought she was weird and did not fit into the stereotypes of a typical musician. Ebro said that is why she is a legend now. Stylez said the singer took a lot of chances with her career, and she was not embraced because of her differentness.

Ebro said fans do not have to choose a side between Kelis or Beyoncé. He said people could find issues with Beyoncé or agree with Kelis. He said the land fans were listening, waiting to hear good music.

Stylez said the issue is more with Pharrell, and she believed Kelis may not own the rights to her own home music and may be unable to perform her songs. Ebro said if that is true, that is that is not clean, and that is not good for the artist.

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