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Ebro in the Morning Discusses Overstepping Cultural Boundaries: Tyga Takes Down Offensive Video (VIDEO)

Ebro in the Morning discussed overstepping Cultural Boundaries as Tyga Takes Down Offensive Video. The artist is facing backlash from fans, especially those in the Latino community, with his new “Ay Carambavideo

Laura Stylez said she did not see the whole video but did see screenshots of it and said the video was a bit much, and there were a lot of stereotypes shown, such as “big mustache, big sombrero,” it was “you know tacos everywhere.”

She said the video was done in bad taste.

Tyga was asked to take the video down and hesitated because he said he paid $250,000 of his own money. However, after more urging from fans, he did take the video down. The artist said he did not mean to offend anyone when he made the video. He has Mexican friends who did not complain, so he thought it was okay.

“Well, it’s also the messenger, too, right? It’s the messenger. He’s not from that culture group,” said Ebro.

Rosenberg said he was sure Tyga had friends to advise him on his video. However, the problem is, do people give honest advice to their rich, powerful friends? Ebro said it depends on your friends and if they are real friends.

This happens when white kids use the N-word with their black friends, and their black friends say they do not care about them using the word. The issue is the “real world” does not feel the same way.


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