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The Steve Harvey Morning Show Discusses a Woman Who Has Trouble Disciplining Her Daughter (VIDEO)

The Steve Harvey morning show discussed a woman who has trouble disciplining her daughter with behavioral problems. A listener wrote into the Steve Harvey show to get advice. The woman said she is a 34-year-old single mother and has had the same best friend for over 20 years, who is also the godmother of her child.

The letter’s author said the child’s father died when the daughter was two years old, and her best friend said she would always be there for the child. The best friend has not kept up with her promise. The woman said her daughter has a spicy personality and behavioral problems. The youngster acts out when she is upset and has a problem with respecting adults.

The mother says she has tried everything to discipline her daughter, but nothing has worked. She said recently; that the stepmother took the little girl to a birthday party so the mother could rest and get over a cold. The child was rude and disrespectful at the party and was taken back home.

The stepmother wants nothing to do with the little girl, although she says she is not mad at the friend.

Shirley Strawberry said she could understand why the woman wanted not to be bothered with the child. She said no one likes terrible children. Perhaps the stepmom will change her mind in the future. The radio host said the best thing is for the mom to place the little girl in therapy and get her some help.

Steve said being a child’s godparent is just a title; there is no real responsibility that comes with the job. He said the stepmother didn’t mean it when she said she would be there for the child after the child’s father’s death.

Harvey said the little girl’s spicy personality and behavioral issues mean she’s “crazy.” The same rude comments the little girl made at the birthday party; he would have done those same things to her, such as messing up her hair and ruining her dress. He added that he could understand why the stepmom no longer wants to be bothered with the child.

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