Tuesday, July 23, 2024

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KEVIN’S SUMMARY: a Fart, Brother Larry, Fantasia, My Birthday

Greetings industry friends. I was thinking what am I going to write about today? Sh…, it’s so quiet in the industry that without much effort you could hear an ant fart. What happened to the days when people got fired (AND HIRED, don’t let me leave that out, sh…) I guess quiet is a good thing cause it means nothing’s changing and that means another week of work for us all. Gloraye Hallelue!First let me say in all fairness something GOOD about Radio One. Radio One Philly is giving away free haircuts to the children for a Back to School promotion. I get a TON of radio promotion press releases but y’all don’t like to read that sh….   So there, I have done my good deed for today.Did you see Fantasia’s interview on Good Morning America? She has finally kicked that lazy ass family of hers to the curb. I thought it was usually the youngest son/brother that is always the fook up.   She tried to give them money by doing that reality show and that still wasn’t enough. Someone told a very cruel and evil joke about her situation. This is really not funny… don’t laugh. They said she took all those pills because she just got her GED and could not read the label.Tomorrow is my birthday. I have a celebrity friend who must not care about paparazzi cause she likes to drink to the point where she has liver damage and lockjaw. She is so much fooking fun and her birthday is the same day as mines.   Several friends are treating me to sh… all day. Can I get one of them to pay a house note or buy advertising?   Don’t judge me cause I love money. Oh, I have become a vegetarian so no pigging out. (I feel SO much better, and the weight melts off. You should consider it but stay close to a toilet). Don’t judge me cause I’m honest.I was talking to a PD this week about retirement and how a lot of us who are in the age range of 40 to 60 are actually pretty lucky. The industry has held on to us for an extra decade or more. I guess I should THANK syndication for that. Thanks Grand pa Tom and Steve “the self promotion machine” and let’s not forget Michael the Yucker. Famalaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaye. You all have helped to eliminate 90% of the on air working urban announcers but at least a FEW of us are still struggling, I mean working. The management machine is out of newbies and because of it and our generation is still working as a benefit. HOWEVER, y’all better start planning for the future. This ride may be over soon, we never know.Brother Larry Jones is out of Yoland a Adams show. Sources are tight lipped about what happened and tried to give me the politically correct answer when I pondered the question. They told me, the show just made a change.   Actually, I KNOW the reason but I’m not at liberty to tell EVERYTHING so I will keep it under wraps for now.FinallyA station has hired a stripper to do a show but I won’t go into detail except to say that’s it’s a dude. I started to keep this story about the station stripper Radio DJ under wraps but I don’t make my money from radio, sh…. My loyalty is to my clients.   Several Radio DJs were livid that a stripper was picked to succeed their skills and I’ve heard he talks like he doesn’t have any teeth. Which considering the market he’s in would actually be an improvement over most Radio DJs there.Happy Birthday to me and a Great weekend to youKev Ross

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