Saturday, June 15, 2024

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KEVIN’S SUMMARY: Coming Clean about a few things, The State of the Industry


Greetings friends. I have to admit, the advertising freeze is hurting EVERYBODY on this side of the industry. I’m sure the labels are being BOMBARDED by blogs, trades and sites right now. I try not to call too many people because of that but I will NOT turn down advertising.

Help me to understand …

  • Ice Cube’s new show “Are we there yet?”
  • Radio Radio DJs will no longer be suspended, they will now be severely punished by being forced to watch 3 episodes of Jada Pinkett’s show Hawthorne.
  • Am I the only one in the world who has never watched a full episode of American Idol? After last night’s show, I won’t be alone. Simon’s departure is going to kill the show.
  • If you are a racist can you just say it or wear a T-shirt? I mean try as you might but you just can’t hide it.
  • Are black people unified on any other issue BESIDES racism and the undeniable deliciousness of Soul Food?
  • Why are there no categories for artists when it comes to airplay but there is for the radio stations that play them?
  • Why are people still inviting me to clubs?
  • Got Budget?
  • What’s the difference between a Black Church Minister and a Pimp??? I actually don’t have an answer…I REALLY don’t!
  • Naysayers and unmotivated people should be relegated to house arrest. The public needs to be warned until we get this economy back on track.
  • The greatest benefit of being charged by the minute on your cell phone, you have the motivation to end useless conversations   early.

Kev Comes Clean..

I have to admit most of the stories that you see in this blog are here because the audience loves to read it. I do my research and I see what the audience likes. Truth be told, I don’t care if Alicia Keys is pregnant with an damn Ostrich. I wish her luck and happiness. I HATE gossip and I HATE reporting it but many industry people love reading it… this is why I have to inject my dark sense of humor because it’s the only way I can do it.

Radio people don’t give you a lot of information, so I am forced to improvise and embellish.   Sure I have my select PDs, GMs and others that I talk to but truth be told.. radio, or at least the current state of it…bores me.. where are the challenges? Why don’t we see any radio people on reality shows like the, no pun intended… The Biggest Loser (laugh). That was an unintended joke but I kill me. Where are the PDs that think outside of the corporate box, where is the next Wendy Williams, Ryan Seacrest, Tom Joyner or Rick Dees at.. Oh Ryan has covered all those areas. I really admire Ryan’s business savvy. Why don’t you see urban radio people with that kind of fortitude and fortune? I need a few hours to mull over this complicated and utmost unanswerable question… please give me a minute while I jump in front of the moving logic train.

Well, that’s it, hope all is well.. amazing how fast these weeks go by isn’t it? Check out my new site Time to move on. Mom didn’t raise a fool.


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