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NBA Update: Bubbles, Jerseys and WojBombs

The Bubble Update

NBA players are settling into life in the Bubble. They receive meals at their doors, but not everyone is happy with the “sack lunch”. The 76ers Joel Embid posted that he will lose 50 pounds, but the always entertaining JR Smith seems to be having a good time with his meals. He is so happy to be back in the NBA with a chance to win a championship; it won’t take much for him to have a good time. He has posted quite a bit from the bubble, so there will be plenty of content for fans.

The Jerseys

The NBA and NBPA agreed on several social justice messages that will be placed on players jerseys. 285 players are planning to put one of the messages on their jerseys, but LeBron James will not be one of them. He commends players who plan to do it, but it did not resonate with his mission. He also said that he wished he would have been consulted about the jerseys because he had an idea for his. He said he is okay that they didn’t consult with him. He also discussed how the quarantine allowed him to be with family because he spent so many years trying to be one of the greatest, if not the greatest to ever play the game. He is one of the greatest, not the greatest…that would be Michael Jordan, that case was closed after The Last Dance.


This hashtag is trending on Twitter as fans and athletes tweeted it in support of the suspended Adrian Wojnarowski, the man who provides Wojbombs on Twitter. Senator Josh Hawley had criticized the NBA for allowing social justice messages but not law enforcement and China support messages. Wojnarowski responded with F— You! in an email. In the past ESPN has not liked for their talent to be involved in politics as evidenced by the buyout of Jemele Hill for her Trump tweet. After the murder of George Floyd they have loosened their stance, but I guess they draw the line at F— You!

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