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Pack Rat Productions, Incorporated Presents The NEXT

Do you sound like the Jackson Five, Alabama, the Partridge Family, the Winans, or the Sugar Hill Gang? Maybe you sound like Destiny’s Child, WuTang Clan, Beastie Boys, Ohio Players, Earth, Wind & Fire or The Isley Brothers.

Do people tell you that you should form a band because you sound just like Sonny & Cher, The Marvelettes, Three Dog Night or The Oak Ridge Boys? Or, do they say you remind them of The Supremes, Debarge, Chicago, Rascal Flatts, the Osmond’s or Big & Rich?

If you think your chance for a music career has passed, it hasn’t – Pack Rat Productions, Incorporated is looking for THE NEXT. Pick up a mic and grab a few of your musical friends and your singing or musical group could be THE NEXT. If you are in a church, community group, elementary, high school, college or university band or choir get your family and friends together, form a singing group or band and submit your performance to THE NEXT.

THE NEXT is a monthly music competition for musical Groups (duos, trios, etc.) i.e., singing groups or bands with singers. Your group will record and submit the audio and video of you performing one song that was originally released prior to the early 2000’s. Pack Rat Productions, Incorporated wants you to master the past; the further back in the past you go, the greater chance you have to win. Nostalgia is key to this competition.

Here are the details:

Record your video and audio of your performance, then complete the online submission form and upload your audio and video to the dropbox.

Your Submission will be reviewed internally. It will not be aired or posted.

You must listen to the Sheryl Underwood Podcast and follow the Sheryl Underwood Podcast Twitter account at @UnderwoodPodcst to know the status of your submission.

Monthly winners of THE NEXT will be announced on the Sheryl Underwood Podcast and on the Sheryl Underwood Podcast Twitter account.

Pack Rat Productions, Incorporated wants to be able to direct people to your website, if you have one. Your submission will not be played publicly, it will only be reviewed by Pack Rat Productions, Incorporated.

Pack Rat Productions, Incorporated will determine cash prizes.

Submission deadline is the 1st day of each month.

You must be a member of the group to fill-out the submission form.

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