Tuesday, July 23, 2024

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Sator.io announced today it has closed $2 million in seed and strategic funding to build a blockchain-based platform, Sator, where TV viewers and distributors alike will come together to build a community. Offering a deeper engagement for fans, Sator will allow users to tune into a Sator-activated show and watch from the comfort of their homes while using the decentralized app on a separate device in exchange for Sator rewards.


Sator users will be able to earn tokens, NFTs and other rewards simply by watching their favorite shows. Sator leverages the strengths of multiple blockchain technologies including Ethereum and Solana. TV series’ on Sator are able to uniquely engage with audiences using bespoke NFTs as well as automate tech-enabled in-home viewer participation. 

Sator CEO and Chief Technology Officer, Isla Perfito, formerly part of the digital assets team at Credit Suisse said of the venture, “Sator has created an easy and powerful solution for TV producers to turnkey deliver a unique NFT experience of their shows while viewers are tuned in. NFTs will bring lots of activity to the platform, a fantastic jumping off point for a user looking to dive in to blockchain technology.”

“We believe that Sator is positioned to be the next disruptor in the television & entertainment industry, where it is able to amalgamate both the democratisation and gamification of traditional television media. We envisage a vision where TV providers and consumers will serve together to improve the health of the television ecosystem“ added PetRock Capital.

The oversubscribed round of equity comprises a group of prominent industry investors including: Faculty Capital, Genesis Block Ventures, Digital Strategies, PetRock Capital, Morningstar Ventures, Axia8, Momentum6, Double Peak VC and Krypital. Sator is slated to launch the beta of its decentralized app late this summer. Interested TV fans can join the waitlist at Sator.io.

Viewers of Sator-activated shows can participate in show trivia, scan QR codes and design/trade/collect NFTs of its characters using the technology, which aims to reconnect audiences in a post must-see-TV era, fueling increased viewer engagement and growing audiences in an increasingly competitive television content landscape.

Sator’s television series partners include Beacon Pictures’ crypto comedy series, “Hold On for Dear Life,” which marks the first mainstream U.S. television series to tokenize its profits into an ERC20 token, the For Dear Life (FDL) token.

Members of the ever-growing Sator community of partners include Ferrum Network, Boosty Labs, Refinable, Zokyo Labs, Origin Protocol and BigCoin.

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