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Smart Speaker Industry May Breathe New Life into Commercial Radio

rfocus.orgA new white paper focusing on the growing smart speaker trend indicates that devices like Amazon Alexa may bring commercial radio back into homes. People have not listened to commercial radio in their homes in over 20 years but the report states the digital concept of smart speakers may change that. Some feel the smart speaker concept is a bit TOO invasive and they are not trusting of what ELSE the device can do, like turn on at will and record conversations, but that may (or may not) fade with time. Here is a copy of the report.
Radio once occupied a central space in American homes and created a shared listening experience. Mobile devices and the rise of personalized listening have undermined that dynamic. However, the rising popularity of smart speakers and voice assistants like that of Amazon Echo and Alexa are offering radio broadcasters a new opportunity to bring radio back into the home.

Our new Amazon Alexa Radio Report takes a data-driven look at the market. The report includes 23 charts and 16 pages of analysis based on 10 different studies related to smart speakers and answers questions including:

Why consumers are buying smart speakers
How people use their smart speakers
The listening habits of smart speaker owners
How radio broadcasters are taking advantage of the new trend
And more…

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