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Spike Lee Goes Left on Insulting Reporter (vid)

That time when Spike Lee went off on the reporter.

Originally posted August 2, 2013.

It’s hard not to side with Spike Lee on this one. He was completely disrespected by this reporter before he said a word. If the video box does not show up the first time, refresh your browser. Also, see Spike Lee Talks to The Industry Dot Biz interview

  1. Thank you Spike Lee for silencing that lady’s foolishness and bringing understanding to the people that didn’t understand your move. I’m a film student myself and hope to cerate films an shows that are wholesome, family fun, and outright awesome and i believe kickstart will help me get there as well, but i would have never known about it unless i was asked to pledge money to someone that already knew about it. Now i hope to bring someone to kickstart by having them pledge and so they can start one themself. Well done SPIKE!! YOU DID THE RIGHT THING LOL!!

  2. What about her? You don’t open a interview like that. She is clearly biased…that’s not how you introduce a live interview. Come on now.

  3. That was really bad publicity. Instead of promoting your indie film and answering the lady with an intelligtent and calm comeback, he comes off sounding like a cranky old man. That’s too bad this is what people will remember. If you’re a celebrity you should have some thick skin and be able to handle criticism.

  4. Spike Lee is a leader and influencer utilizing a new platform. We are in an era that if we are not integrating technology and not addressing the changing landscapes in our respective industries we will not only be buried but we will be standing with our pants down, egg on our face as we cup our hands in the rain for Hollywood handouts. The opening was provocative by design–we get it, but it was offensive. The question should have really been on what people or body of people feel liberated and supported due to the breakthroughs this influencer has made in his body of work, the same body of people, I suspect, that would be refused a role, a job, a position and a title by groups that just don’t have to ‘share’ or ‘like’. Crowdsourcing is a huge collaborative effort and, according to Kiss Kiss Bank Bank if the venture is not lucrative, it’s likely charity rather than funding an idea that will continually live and be a success. If someone is innovative to be a critical thinker I am guessing they won’t fret if they support multiple ventures through this source or any other.

  5. Thank you Spike for keeping it really…I love every moment of this well spoken interview. Keep moving my brother

  6. This lady is obviously a hater and wants to bash him from the beginning, he should have just told her to shut up and talked only to the guy. Glad he stuck it in her face.

  7. dog gone it Spike you GOT my money…..I love you for standing up for what you want. that woman is a Hater, she started off by saying you didn’t need it. stop with it……we heard what she said, and we know what we got to do……all the people who watched those films back in the 90’s please donate so the brother can give us more love…..because in the end love conquers all. I love spike lee. Now do the damn thing!

  8. Real Men can play the game anyway they wish at every level of the film business and why shouldn’t they? Thanks Spike for the Spike Lee Production Fund and for so many other contributions. You’ll get my contribution for sure. Thanks to my so for turning me on to this on FB.

  9. Don’t always agree with Spike Lee but got to side with him on this one. He did a great job calling this woman out for what she tried to do. They so often underestimate the intelligence and courage of minorities in Hollywood. I bet she won’t make that mistake again.

  10. The female interviewer made so many wrong moves for someone who wants to learn something or reveal something new and interesting–isn’t that what journalism is about? I thought it was the interviewee who is the center of attention, worthy of research and understanding of his/her background. I found this young woman insulting and condescending, out of touch with the field she was supposedly exploring. Fortunately, for us, Mr. Lee is the man he is with the body of work, courage, achievement and innovation as a foundation. Hard to topple that, Ms. Wannabe TV journalist.

  11. It called doing homework on a guests; which I am surprise Trish did not especially with her Emmy Award winning history.

  12. Is Spike the mule in his company’s name? Man, did he come off as a cranky old man in that segment. And his, “I was doing Kickstarter before there was Kickstarter” is nonsense, unless he thinks hitting up celebrity friends with deep pockets is the same thing as asking strangers to pledge funds for his project. There’s plenty of struggling filmmakers with NO INDUSTRY CONTACTS OR FINANCING who need Kickstarter to get their projects off the ground. If Spike has alienated potential financial backers with his nasty attitude, has no money of his own to invest in his own project, or just doesn’t believe enough in his own work to open up his checkbook, fine. But getting defensive about it is incredibly off putting. Then again, this is Spike Lee we’re talking about.

  13. Kiko, needs to read a bit. Check out the problems that Super Director, George Lucas, had with getting support for Red Tails. This is George Lucas! OMG, if he said he was going to make film about paint drying, i’d support it. Hollywood is very myopic and once they see something as a “black film” they walk away or provide crumbs. If this happened to George Lucas what do you think happens to Spike EVERYDAY. Like Spike said the haters are gonna’ hate. Where’s the vitriol on Verica Mars, and Zach Braff. Both who used Kickstarter. Once again, it’s only suspect when the Black man does it.

  14. More people should bump the media’s negativity like he did. “We are all about controversy.” That is the problem. Your about negativity nobody wants to listen to the news because your negative. figure it out. Being a news anchor is no longer a reputable job because they are controversy, chaos, negative junkies.

  15. Kickstarter isn’t the “New way” it’s been around for almost 10 years. It’s played out and these Hollywood slugs are JUST figuring it out. They already rob the theater system and the indy filmmaker of any relevant return on the hard work and audience participation. They already control the industry so the little guy can’t play the game. And NOW they are taking over our only chance to raise funds to do what we’ve done. IT DOES AFFECT THE SMALL GUY. Don’t fool yourself. The man has enough money to do what he needs on his own… he has the track record to find investors the old fashioned way. Kickstarter is GHETTO. EVEN TO FILMMAKERS. So fuck him.

  16. You don’t start an interview like that. For those of you who call Spike Lee grumpy’ think about this’ she set the stage for what was to come after her attempt to be so clever and instead of him turning the other cheek’ He decided that she needed to be corrected and rightfully so because her opening statement showed she got personal with it. She personally does not know him so therefore whatever information she got on his works more than likely came from a biased partisan or’ she has seen his work just doesn’t like it or him personally. And he chose not to cater to her blatant nonsense. He was there to talk about his next project and how he was going to promote it’ not to be put on the hot seat. How about schooling the interviewer on some class instead of attacking the interviewee. I’m so glad he chose to handle it the way he did because it was much needed and to also show her she is not as nearly clever as she thinks she is.


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