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The Industry Votes on TOP 10 Best Black Radio DJs for 2020

Digital and The Industry Dot Biz conducted a social media poll on who The BEST EVER Top 10 Radio DJs are and these were their responses for 2020 via our industry as the voters.


This is not based on PPM or the number of stations the jock is on but overall respect for the craft. There are so many we could name but right now this is what it is. Let get to it!

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The Industry Votes on TOP 10 Best Black Radio DJs for 2020 2

10. Sam Sylk

Sam Sylk has dedicated his radio and media career to creating an impactful and positive voice for his listeners each day.

He started out in Chicago and has now gone on to claim PD status, restauranteur, and author. He can currently be heard on 93.1 WZAK Cleveland on the Sam Sylk Show.

9. Skip Murphy

We already know the legend of Skip Murphy. He is the ultimate radio veteran with 35 years of broadcasting experience.

Skip maintained hosting a morning show for 34 years, 15 of those years in Dallas –Ft. Worth. His radio career began in his home town of Charlotte, N.C. Award after award, Skip is truly the standard.

8. Kenny Smoov

When it comes to radio, Kenny Smoov is that dude. As the Vice President of Urban Formats/Cumulus Media, Kenny does it all from being PD, hosting a morning show, DJing, and producing. Kenny Smoov is truly an experience.

7. John Monds

The legendary voice of John Monds has returned to WHUR as the host of The Original Quiet Storm. John has hosted local shows in Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., Houston, Cincinnati, and Baltimore.

John was also heard nationally in syndication as host of Reflections, Kickin’ It at Christmas, USA Music Magazine, and Love and B with John Monds.

6. Al B. Sylk

With his recent departure from afternoons at Kiss 104.1, Al B. Sylk still reigns as one of radio’s best as voted by his peers.

Sylk, who joined Kiss a year ago, started at mid-days, then covered afternoons after Sasha the Diva left last year. Sylk also had his stints in Chicago, Miami, and Philly.

5. Frank Ski

From the remake of one of his classic hits by Cardi B, a new record deal, doing his thing on WHUR, accepting the award as one of our Power Player this year, to being a radio legend, Frank Ski is Frank Skit.

Do we have to say anything else.

4. DeDe McGuire

She is often referred to as the Queen of Radio and no one would dare argue anything different. As the host of her own national radio show, DeDe McGuire is the quintessential radio superstar.

From her morning show to her foundation, she is truly the voice of the people


3. Tom Joyner

Oh Oh Oh, it’s the Tom Joyner Morning Show! How many years did we hear that classic intro until last year when Tom walked away from radio. This man’s name is synonymous with radio.

He is radio and has taught the game to so many people. Although he is retired, his REACH, still continues.

2. Charlamagne tha God

What can you say about Charlamagne? That is really a rhetorical question. This man has come a long way from his shock jock routine.

He is now killing game on The Breakfast Club and beyond. From politics, hip-hop, to mental illness, Charlamagne has his pulse on the current state of the world.


1. Rick Party

Everybody loves a good party, especially if his name Rick Party. When we polled our industry peers, Ricky Party’s name came up so much and that is no surprise. From his days in Chicago to his current morning show in Kansas City at Majic 107.3, Rick Party truly is the voice of radio. Here is a classic video from Rick at Hot 105 in Miami, The other video is from his current syndicated morning show.


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