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The Rickey Smiley Morning Show Discusses a ‘Disrespectful’ Concertgoer Throwing an Object at Lil Wayne (VIDEO)

The Rickey Smiley Morning Show discussed a “disrespectful” concertgoer throwing an object at Lil Wayne during a concert. This past weekend, Lil Wayne threatened to walk off the stage during a performance at an arena in Jacksonville, FL, after an audience member threw something him. The musician was performing a song when an object, possibly a flag, was hurled at him.

Allegedly Lil Wayne told the crowd this was his first song, and if the fans were going to be throwing “crap” at him, he would leave. “If you know who that was that threw that, tell him I said bleep him. And nice way to say kick rocks. Throwing flags at me, that ain’t even real. What’s wrong with you?” said Lil Wayne.

Da Brat said fans identified the person, and he was kicked out of the show. The morning show wanted to know why someone would throw anything at a concert or elsewhere. Da Brat said she remembered when they were throwing objects at Kid Cudi. She added that the crowd was throwing water bottles and all kinds of “stuff” at him. The rapper would have left the performance, she said.

The radio DJ said she was happy the rude guest was kicked out of the concert. Da Brat said she did not understand why people went to a concert and decided to throw things because they paid to be there.

Rickey Smiley said this is an entitled generation. They have no boundaries and do not do what people ask them to do.

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