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Tom Joyner Tribute to Doug Banks

Tom Joyner Statement:
Doug Banks wasn’t just my Turntable Brother, he was my other brother! We did this back when urban radio made itself the best thing on the air – and we made each other better. Chicago, radio and afternoons will never be the same. I miss him and what we shared together.
(video below of Banks and Tom Joyner in 1988)


  1. I will not be listening to Frankie Darcell on my drive home. I barely listen to her when she was on in the mornings therefore I know I will not listen to her in the afternoon. Everything Frankie has to say, you can catch on your local news. I don’t care for Frankie, I don’t find her show informative, therefore I will not be listening.I knew the day was going to come when they would try to take Michael Basiden off the air. Michael represented the voice of Black America on national issues and the powers that be (The republicans who are desperate to win in 2012) have paid the right people to have the Michael Baisden show taken off the air.

  2. I love Michael Baisden. His show give us a variety. His show talked about relationships (the good and the bad), health issues (which very few shows cover and he does it every Thursday), following your dreams, Hot News from around the country (if it wasn’t for him we would have never heard of the situation in Jena), Politics and I even like battle of the sexes. The reason I loved his shows was becuase is was balance, it give us entertainment as well as serious issues. I don’t always want to be serious, I love to have fun. What’s wrong with talking about relationship. I would like to know why people cheat and he has also done relationships about happy marriages so he is not against marriage. It’s funny but when he first came on radio, he was criticize a lot from men. They couldn’t understand that a man would want to talk about relationships and now everyone is trying to do Michael Baisden and copy his format. Steve Harvey is know giving relationship advice and wrote or book like Michael did. Even Brain McKnights is now talking about relationships on his show. It’s funny that he got so much negativity from men and now everyon his copying him. You go Mike, later for your haters.

  3. I am saddened that MB is off the air in Detroit.. not only was he informative; he was funny. It takes everything in me to stay awake while riding home with Frankie on the air.. she makes her show “all about her”.. I have never been a fan and now that she is the afternoon drive.. I still am not a fan. I an sure the “powers that be” will piss their pants; once another station picks him up. I personally am sending request to all other urban stations to look into it. Move Frankie back to the 10-3 spot.. when no one is really listening and bring Mike back. We are missing the NATIONAL news.. we can turn the local news on and see what Detroit is doing… I am disappointed, outraged and no longer a listener…

  4. Interesting comments. When Baisden first came on in Detroit, I didn’t care for him but he grew on me. I enjoyed his show and he did keep us informed on issues affecting the black community. I didn’t always agree with him and I didn’t listen every day. In fact, I just realized (on 9/29/09) that he was no longer on the air. I do not like Frankie Darcell. I stopped listening to her because of her obvious bias toward Kwame Kilpatrick. I think the station will lose listeners during this time slot.

  5. R.I.P Doug Banks you will be missed. You got me through the afternoon. May your family stay blessed with just having you in their lives.

  6. I just can’t believe that this amazing personality is no more….for now.
    See u on the other side of Paradise Mr. Banks. U were THEE BEST!!!
    Love Always <3.
    ***Rest Peacefully in Radio Heaven

  7. Doug Banks I will miss you. You always kept me laughing and listening toV103 radio station. Rest in heaven! Chicago won’t be the same without you!

  8. A great voice will be missed on the radio; another soul reporting in to begin duties at a another level. Mr. Banks Your hard work is greatly appreciated and your smile reflected beyond the radio. A GREAT smile that should not be forgotten. Sir rest in peace and show your smile to all you are joining in your new home at your new address. You will always be remembered for being you and only you!

  9. Man…..Doug Thanks for all the great years in Chicago all the bits you did on the radio were classic. Rest Well Sir job well done…..

  10. Sad day for all radio listeners after hearing the news of losing another legend in the entertainment industry. I am truly heartbroken of the loss of Doug Banks. Banks, DeeDee, and Marcy have gotten us through many afternoons and now there is a blank space that cannot be filled the way these guys did it. So, for Doug’s family, condolences go out to you. Also, to his radio family who had the pleasure of working and learning from such a great influence. RIP, Sir Banks and God Bless all of you.

  11. I remember the day My phone call finally got through. We were asked to share a memory of a time when you encountered a moment when your father came home drunk. I got through and told you my story and your response was “thats a great story.” and hearing your voice got me so nervous that i clumsily fumbled with my phone and mistakingly hungup. I never got through again, but that moment will last for a life time. No one will ever replace you. My heart is heavy.I’m going going to miss you Doug!

  12. My condolences and prayers to his daughters and family. My afternoons were brightened by Doug & crew over the years on V103.

  13. Doug, My Home Boy, and Dear Friend, I’m gonna miss your sense of humor, your friendship over the years, and your incredible talent on the air! My heart goes out to Kelly, Kennedy, Wendy, and the rest of The Banks Family. R.I.P. Brutha

  14. Doug Dan Ryan Head I miss your and it’s only been a few days to long, my your soul and spirit RIP. No more sickness no more pain. God Bless your children whom you adored Kennedy and Kelly. WBMX, WGCI V103 will never be the same without your VOICE. Chicago LOVED some YOU Doug ❤.

  15. To the larger than life brother that was always his brothers keeper , teaching with his microphone so that the world could hear the words from a master, my heart is heavy today but I know that our God is good rest in peace Doug you got your wings I know that God’s got you . Also you matter in this life . Percy Grandberry

  16. Doug Banks, never had an opportunity to work with you but I feel as though I have known you all my life. Your presence on the air will be remembered. Your contributions to this business called radio have been countless and priceless. From all of us here at the Southern Soul Network, Godspeed. Wolf

  17. The best in radio that I know of doug banks you kept us in tune with radio I didn’t have time for radio until I met you it was for me that radio was a voice & sound of your voice that kept me & everyone going anytime of the day now you have spread your wings to a place where your love & voice will be heard you will always be loved here but your new home will love you even more with peace & tranquility in they will love you just we do take care douglas don’t tag me for that from 1 gemini to another


  19. Love , Love, Love you DOUG BANKS. I so looked forward to listening to you on my way home from work. The last time I heard your voice was Friday April 09. It was a shock because you sound so strong when you returned to the show after being ill. I was at work when I heard that you had passed. I am in a grieving state since then as if I lost a family member. GOD BLESS AND KEEP YOU. NO MORE PAIN.

  20. G0d bleaa you!
    There is simply noone who can fit in youe shoe or sit in your chair!
    Your smile, voice, and spirit penetrate the Aiiiiir!!
    We qll love u Doug
    so cont to rest
    we loved u dearly but
    God love U Best.


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