Monday, July 15, 2024

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Update on Radio One Hegwood Replacement

Rumblings from the Atl and abroad… Radio One is being BOMBARDED with respondents to the recently vacated programmer position previously held by Steve Hegwood. Looks like Radio One is taking its time to secure the “best person”…. Spotted in the Atl recently by RF Spies…. Jamillah (Jam) Muhammad, most recently the PD for Clear Channel’s WMXD in Detroit. Also, Chicago radio legend Armand o’s name has been mentioned along with Nate Bell and we just got word that vet Harry Lyles has expressed interest in the position. We are hearing from a very good source that Radio One (who has been amazingly quiet the first quarter of the year) is taking its time… we are also hearing the PD will have additional programming duties. One cand idate has gotten the thumbs up and a great referral from a Radio One VIP. We know who the most likely cand idate is. The RF phones are officially turned off. We can’t tell you that….More as we get it.

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