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WUFO AM Picks up Tom Joyner in Buffalo

the-tom-joyner-morning-show-hpt_1 has gotten a barrage of complaints from WBLK listeners after the Radio Station replaced the Tom Joyner morning show almost 2 months ago with steve harvey. Buffalo’s heritage AM WUFO has decided to run The Tom Joyner Morning show starting May 9. See press release below…
“Buffalo’s Heritage WUFO is proud to announce that Tom Joyner Morning has found a new home for the TJMS effective May 9th. After much feedback from the Buffalo community chiming their dis-satisfaction when crosstown Urban WBLK dropped the show it was a no brainer for us to react immediately and secure the TJMS. Thanks are in order for the dedicated work of Program Director Bobby Wonder, Operations Manager Sheila Brown of WUFO along with Marcella Tuck, and Melody Talkington, Reach Media Affiliate, and the support of Danny Harris former WUFO air-talent, now Reach Media Production Assistant.”


  1. Thank goodness. I have not tuned into WBLK for any reason since they dropped TJoyner morning show. When I called the station to express my dissatisfaction I was greeted unprofessionally. My remedy was to find a new morning radio program. I rather enjoy NPR and a country tune. WUFO AM will be my new go to.

  2. I quit listening to WBLK also since they pulled the TJMS and refuse to listen to the so called people station. I love Steve Harvey but not on radio.

  3. Thank you for bringing back the most informative black radio show in existence. I am very happy as well as everyone else that you decided to pick up theTJMS kudos to WUFO your ratings are going to skyrocket


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