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Candace Owens Says George Floyd was a Criminal

Candace Owens is very interesting. Most people don’t hear her out, the minute they disagree with her they turn her off but she does make some interesting points. Here she states that Black people love to be victims and that we are our biggest enemies who refuse to deal with our own problems and killings in the community. She says we blame white people for everything and take responsibility for very little.


  1. Candace Owen’s sadly bleach-washed opinion that George Floyd just a criminal.
    Scott Peterson; criminal that killed BABY…still alive… and how many more could be named
    Candace Owens; criminal caught speeding…still alive

      • Trump is the best American president who cares about all Americans. He is a real patriot and tries to help everyone in this country. He decreased taxes for small businesses and people, allowed to drill oil in this country. He respect the Constitution and the rights of people. He is building the wall to deal with illegal immigrants’ invasion. People appreciate his efforts and he will be re-elected in November.

          • She’s 100% right. There’s no debating fact. You can hate on her post or post snide comments all you want, but it doesn’t change the facts and you are just proving her points. When you refuse to accept facts and apply logic and common sense that shows a lack of intellect. You’re being used. Now don’t get me wrong, the Democrats are using white people too in this but it’s a sick, psychotic, game just to get votes. Remember you’re all deplorables and expendable so to the Democrats

        • Delusions such as yours, can and should be properly medicated. Might I suggest a nice hearty bong-hit….. Indica would be best for you.
          It is truly disturbing to see and/or hear sad, confused people chanting about #DonnieDumbFuck being anything other than what he is. A Bigot and a Liar and the list goes on.
          But I reiterate, find yourself a bong and some herb~ spark up and shut up.

        • Trump has committed more crimes than most people I know. He is a criminal who will one day be convicted once he leaves office. He is a draft dodger and a compulsive liar. He does NOT care about all Americans! He cares about those who either make him look good or keep him in power. The Bible stunt is a great example! He is trying to keep his voting block intact and he will say and do things over the next few months to keep their support. He does not want anyone to see how he has abused his taxes because he is afraid of the reaction he will get (and rightly so). There has never been a more corrupt president in our American History! Never!

        • Trump is not great. He will never be great. The man is a narcissist and does not care about anyone but himself. He has no clue how to solve issues. I don’t know what you have been reading but it isn’t the news.

        • Your a moron he literally used police force to clear away non violent protestors so that he could take a photo in front of a church awkwardly holding a Bible (you know his favorite book) watch his speeches from begining to end don’t just believe what Fox news says. Anything he says or does is only politically motivated it’s only to become president again it’s not in any of our interest but his own political gain for gods sakes America is in crisis like we’ve never known and he just blames our problems on everything and everyone else it’s shameful and it makes you look like a moron for supporting someone as inept as Trump is. I pity people with your lack of ability to see through his lies and udder bullshit shame on you and your incompetence!!

        • She hit the nail right on the head. 13% got the rest of the country worried. Why, because they’d rip your head off. Like 20-1. Wolf packs.

      • You can say what you want but that doesn’t make it true. Usually the thing that someone accuses you of is the very thing that they themselves are doing. I’ve heard that saying it takes one to no one.
        No hate speech please

      • You are crazy. He is not a pedophile. He is a great president, not like tha last one that is gay and married to a man !!!!!!!!!

      • Ray Mac You are an idiot! Plain and simple. Trump is no criminal, he does however have a Problem speaking or tweeting Before thinking. On same note though all of the looters and thieves claiming to be protesting should be shot and or arrested. There is a way to protest peacefully and there are a lot of people that do and also a lot of people doing nothing but thieving and looting. I find it quite funny that everyone is begging for solidarity and to come together, when the #black lives matter can’t even control the other black people from looting and thieving, that are supposedly protesting. Violence goes both ways

      • And you are guilty of being a dumb ass. Also guilty of liable and slander. You trump haters are so uneducated and say what enters your pea brain, no facts just lies.

    • Candace makes very good point. You should open your mind.i know she doesn’t follow the typical feel bad for me because I’m black narrative.

      • Open our MIND?? YOU should use COMMON SENSE and grasp the fact that no one deserves to have their neck stepped on and be suffocated to death! Stop listening to nonsense!

        • No he didn’t deserve to die, that’s absolutely right. That officer abused his authority & used excessive force. Shud he be locked up? Yes. Do I think he thought the guy was gonna die? No. Do I think it had to do with their race? No. Its simply corruption. White cops killing white people is actually a higher percentage. Race alwats gets brought into these situations when its really just police corruption & lack of training. Thats why in 2020 theres still protests & riots because it always gets turned into a race war. BLM just has louder voices, rightfully so. But as an example recently a black man killed a white cop for doing his job serving an eviction notice. It didn’t get media attention or protests or rioting. Even tho it happens on a daily basis. Its good vs bad, police corruption against ALL races, & us non racists against racists. It needs to stop being turned into white vs black!!! Its sickening!! Stand together and stop making it about race! Cud u imagine if white people protested & rioted everytime they wwre killed by a black man? Especially cops killed by black criminals? This world would be a disaster there wud be race wars & riots everywhere. So many white people are victims of police corruption too but it also doesn’t mean all cops are bad cops. Everyone needs to wake up & see the bigger picture. Its not about race! Its good vs bad regardless of race!!! Try focusing on all the positive changes since the slavery days. African Americans dominate sports: NFL & NBA with fans if every race. They dominate the music industry, rap hip hop r&b are my favorite genre, african americans are soooo talented & its been recognized, we had our first black president, Oprah Winfrey one of the richest women alive, so many rich successes african americans, theres college grants/scholarships for african americans… these are ALL positive changes since the old days and things to be proud of & focus on! Stop the ignorance making it about race & focus on police reform. ALL races have racists, & ALL races are victims of police corruption, police brutaLity & being stereotyped. Stop letting racist people win by seeing the wedge being created between so many people, turning it into black vs white & black vs latino, stand together!

          • All points well taken. I find it strange how Lebron James a champion for black lives matter but when it comes the the protesters in Hong Kong or the persecuted Muslims in China not a word against the Chinese communist party and their horrible human rights record. I guess promoting the NBA in China and the billions of dollars to be made trumps all else. Just an observation

          • Good post, color is only skin deep. This rioting, vandalism, and looting for umpteen years has no excuse no matter who you are. Just reveals how parents have failed and allowed lousy upbringing to share with society. Not one person in this world is high and mighty and not a lost soul. Get your life right with the Lord and move forward in this wicked world. Because there is a judgement day coming soon and your eternity to which ever way you submitted your life will be for a long time, eternal is a never-ending length of time.

      • If your life ended today, what legacy would you leave? This imperfect man’s life should not be whitewashed. Simple people go down in history as a catalyst for change. George’s unfortunate death will be a catalyst for change. The police had this criminal on the ground , kissing asphalt, crying” I can’t breathe,” and calling for his mother should be punishment enough for these past deeds.

        • Yes Sharon. It’s not just about George Floyd. He’s just a symbol for all the black folks that were murdered at the hands of white law enforcement. He is literally the straw that broke the camels back!

      • Um, you do realize, America was built out of the blood of slaves that the EUROPEANS BROUGHT OVER, and The Natives that were here FIRST. And EUROPEANS are the migrants right? Maybe if YOU dont want to see us as equals, YOU leave. Full stop.

        • I challenge ALL to watch the Movie ‘America, Imagine a world without her”. It’s written by a Immigrant from India. Dineash D’Souza. Historical facts that are simply ignored and certainly not taught in school anymore.

        • No one wants to abolish the Constitutional Right to Protest, but peacefully. No one wants to see RIOTS, it’s SICKNESS! It’s VIOLENCE. It’s CRIMINAL. Destroying the PRIVATE PROPERTY, which means that someone worked their buttocks off for having it, achieving their goals having a successful business for what? For some people that came out of nowhere and being paid for a GROUP WHO DO NOT LOVE THIS COUNTRY BUT ARE ATTENDING THEIR OWN INTERESTS, bringing down OUR ECONOMY, CAUSING CRISIS WITHIN OUR NATION. THE GOVERNMENT NEEDS TO PUT A STOP TO ALL THESE NONSENSE. AND TO SHOW WHOSE LEADING USA OUR COUNTRY. ?? GOD BLESS AMERICA ??

      • You ain’t martyr criminals but yet you say Kobe Bryant was your hero? Kobe Bryant was a rapist. Yes in short suits are getting looted but maybe now the black community will be heard! We’ve ignored the cry for change far too long. WAKE UP AMERICA! EQUAL BUT NOT EQUAL I’S NOT TOLERABLE! WE ARE ALL CREATED EQUAL AS A HUMAN BEING AND AS AN AMERICAN! TRUMP MUST GO! TRUMP HAS NO RACE, JUST ONE BIG IDIOT DESTROYING THIS COUNTRY FROM THE INSIDE!

  2. this thief should shut up. what she says makes me cringe……she needs to go to helll. very insensitive , even if you hate your skin colour shut up.

      • Saying that anyone, even a criminal deserves to have their neck stepped on and suffocated to death takes away YOUR credibility, BETH! Stop justifying police brutality.

        • He died with Covid. Covid makes it difficult to breathe. I’m just sayin’. All of the facts need to be known.

          • So knee on his neck and back Played no part? So had that not happened he would have died that day?

        • All police are not like that, that officer probably was sick and tired of the bullshit some of the black race brings on their self.

          • You said “probably” which means you really don’t know. Which still doesn’t take away the fact of what we saw. If the stress is too much for him to deal with. Maybe another line of work he should of taken another line of work. Maybe you should look up the federal crime report.

        • This is her whole point. You are too ignorant to listen to Facts. Facts don’t care about your feelings. On multiple occasions she clearly stated that, his death, criminal or joy, was NOT justified. She never said it was ok. She is pointing out the black culture and how you raise up criminals as martyrs as hero when horrific things occur and accept no responsibility for how he landed in the situation he did…. a criminal act. If you would just listen to the facts she lays out, she is pointing out the hypocritical “call to action” of BLM and Antifa, who is puppeteering your whole community. You want equality than get your community right with the law and crime. Accept accountably and don’t just stand on the backs of criminals when they are killed as a platform for… shit, what is it that the black community wants? Lay out a plan for me… tell us what whites, Jews, Hispanics, etc can do to make you feel equal and give you a sense of true unity. When I ask, what is it that you are protesting and lord knows why rioting for…. no one can tell me what it is that is wanted to make it stop. Enlighten me please.

    • You are the perfect example of what Ms. Owens talks about in terms of condoning and dismissing bad behavior, please accept the truth for what it is!… Don’t be blind by color or undeserved loyalty just because we happen to belong to a community, bringing his criminal record afloat was part of her search before deciding where her values are as a person. The whole country agree that, what was done to Mr. Floyd is wrong, at no point is she saying the contrary, she merely states her personal opinion and her reasons. I admire and follow people like her, that use their platform to promote the good in people and show that is up to us to strive for a better life. The road is not free of thorns for anybody regardless of who we are…God bless!!!

      • Miss Owens is an amazing, truthful, courageous young lady..cheers to her, wish she would go the news media.

      • Candace, like many you see and hear on the conservative side, is an opportunist. She says what she knows certain people think and it empowers idiotic thoughts. I congratulate her on branding herself and getting paid. In the long run, as people tend to only care about themselves, she will be fine.

        • I really admire this young lady Candice. She looks n talks like a news narrator or like if she’s studying a Criminal Justice. She spoke through her mind. I believe, she’s a brilliant future, whatever carear she’d pick. I hope, if she continues of being truthful and on the justice’s side, to see her one day being one of our Legislators. But believing in GOD FIRST n HAVING HIM IN HER ❤️.

      • What good did she promote? I think you simply enjoy hearing her criticize the thing she hates most which is her own skin…. I just would love to meet her parents, but I’m sure she dislike them also, but love Donald Trump and thinks he’s doing a great job….
        Take a seat, because you’re a piece of shit.

      • You’re the one condoning and dismissing bad behavior! You don’t think stepping on someone’s neck and suffocating them to death isn’t BAD BEHAVIOR?? IDIOT!

    • Candace is right. They don’t take responsibility for their own behavior. I admit there maybe some police that go above the law but the majority of police are descent.
      If people would stop acting like a victim & start admitting that in every race there is racism that can’t be forced away. I’ve seen theft, prostitution, vadlism & Abusing others.

      • This is about a man who was murdered, and to watch on video of him saying he can’t breathe but rather than stop he pressed even harder. But your response is what blacks do as an ethnic group, rather than what was done. People like you and Candace Owens are on mute, it’s time to hold these killers accountable for their actions…. don’t tell me about vandals and riots until you’re ready to answers what prompted these actions in the first place…

        • Two wrongs don’t make it right. Rioting, vandalizing and looting are criminal actions. The damage caused is in the millions. I believe the parties responsible should be held accountable for their crimes as well. I agree with Candace. Always playing the victim and blaming everything on racism is a cop out. Take responsibility for yourselves. A better life starts with you. Be willing to work for what you want. Don’t expect everything to be handed to you. It’s a burden on society, like it or not.

    • Your funny… making that comment about her going to hell. If I do remember correctly God created all of us in is image, with that being said if you hate someone because of the color of their skin you need to turn to God and ask him to take that hate away before you end up in the pit of hell…

    • Don’t ever wish he’ll on someone.God saves the worse for the worse and he who wishes that in anyone is asking for a terrible eternity.

      • You can wish hell on someone all you want but the truth of the matter is if that individual believes Jesus died on the cross for the forgiveness of our sins and has Jesus as his personal savior, he will be granted entrance to heaven.

    • Your not a concerned black women. Your a hateful racist ignorant person. What happened to Mr Floyd was no doubt a tragedy. However; Mr Floyd was a criminal and a thug. He terrorized that poor women and her unborn child, was in and out of prison and is a thug. You should be lifting up Dr. MLK! Not this criminal you ignorant racist!

  3. It doesn’t matter if he was a criminal or not he didn’t deserve to die the way he did maybe it should have been you.

    • You really need to listen better before you speak, because she clearly says that Mr. Floyd didn’t deserve to die like that and you are very rude for saying that, maybe it should have been her! Nobody deserves to die like that!!!

    • I agree it was very wrong doing that to him, I am white and not racis, I have two grandkids who is mixed and I love them just as much as the others.

        • When was he fighting? The full arrest was on video and he seemed to do as he was directed. Are you suggesting that once he was handcuffed and put in the back of a police vehicle that he then began to fight? You are a fool.

          • Don’t know what kind of a fight he could have put up while hand cuffed but one thing is for sure the cop had no reason to lay on him that long with 3 other cops there
            Maybe I missed the video of when after they walked him across the street to the other patrol car and what led him to be thrown to the ground
            If there is video of that portion of the arrest available I would like to see it

          • When he got in the back of the car that when he finally decided to inform the police he tested positive for covid. He was out in oublic with no madk, he knew he was sick, he wasnt trying to prevent the spread to inocent people, he was also high on drugs per autopsy by family. I think the cops over reacted because they were scared…. We are in the midst of a pandemic and everyone is forgetting this. Did you see the picture of the police… They were all different races… This was not about race…i still dont think he deserved to die, but it was a combination of things that caused this. Saying it was a race issue is the easy route…

      • David, that’s a disgusting comment! He did NOT deserve having his neck stepped on and being suffocated to death! You’re a disgusting person!

  4. Very well said…I agree that he should have not died and that saddens me….the cop is getting what he should get….the sad part is we as Americans, draw lines in the sand for people to choose a side. Eliminate the line and we can try to blend. We are all the same, we pay taxes, go to church, go to work the same way….I pray to all that we somehow blind our eyesight and realize no matter the skin color, we all bleed the same. Please come together America…

    • The only part I will agree with you about is come together. We are not the same, if all was the same everybody would look the same and be treated the same. So look in the mirror do some reflecting and realize until we all can see our difference and accept, respect and celebrate each. We will never come together.

          • Well we should be hearing about it because it’s wrong also even though I doubt that their skin color was the problem. Anyway two wrongs don’t make a right.

        • And that is wrong to.This is not just about blacks and whites citizens and policemen.Its about policemen killing a man instead of taking him to jail until he has his day in court even though he did’t commit a crime. If we allow this to continue to happen America will be like the wild Wild West allowing police to decide who is less than and killing them.Which will end up affecting all races.

          • Correction: there was a crime. He was in possession of narcotics. And, no he didn’t deserve to die like that. I like facts to be known.

      • Of course we’re not all the same you say but all black people want to be treated like white people get treated well there are so many more white peoples lives taken by police and no one protest when a black officer kills a unarmed white man !!! You want to be treated the same but then again you want special treatment. Get it together.

      • Barb,
        We are the same…If like I said, we erase the lines that are drawn, then and only then we can heal as a society. There are so called Leaders that are out preaching about racism and saying they are here to help all causes. If they only came out and helped when there is no camera or news around. You hardly ever see any of them when the media is not involved. If racism went away, they would not have a job to do. I am white and married to a strong black Woman and we both understand the issues at hand. We love and cherish everyday the history we make together and for our kids. I grew up in a very impoverished family and I put my efforts in trying to get out of that lifestyle. Through hard work and determination, I have and I am now doing well. Everyone can do the same thing, no matter their past or present lifestyle. The change has to start with each and everyone and most of all they have to want it and take no for an answer. So being blind to others comments, lines and actions, only makes you stronger and succeed.

  5. You are a disgrace of your own color… does not matter if he was a criminal or not he still did not deserved to die

      • But she still missed the point .If there was a crime committed it should have been handled in a court of law NOT ON THE STREETS for all to see especially kids,and we wonder why we have to spend tax dollars for policeman to build relationships with kids in the community because they’re now scared of cops.LORD JESUS WHO DIED ON CALVARY TO SAVE US FROM OUR SINS PLEASE HELP US ALL.